Thursday, 15 December 2011

Julian Casablancas #1

When Jules was a lil boy...


Name: Julian Fernando Casablancas or known as Jules
Age: 33
Date of birth: August, 23rd 1978

Okay, lemme tell you something about Jules. First of all, Jules is a singer and a songwriter for a band called The Strokes. HAHA, okay. I have one funny story to tell. Fabrizio Moretti or know as Fab, one of the band mate in The Strokes told the interviewer that they want their band like in Spanish or something. Like band Bon Jovi is a word from Bon Giovanni. Then, Fab is like making band's name by his name, Moretti to be More Of Etti. LOL, that's one of silly band name i had ever heard. Fab is so freaking hilarious. I love that dude. I actually saw his dopperganger! He is one of Sekolah Menengah Kebangasaan Selayang Bharu's teacher. Cool liao 

Jules was born is New York so he is a true New York-ian. Nikolai Fraiture known as Niko. He is Jules' childhood friend and he is also the first band mate Jules met. They both students of  Lycée Français de New York, Jules graduated in 96' while Niko graduated in 97'. When Jules was fourteen years old, his father, John sent him to  Institut Le Rosey or commonly referred to as Le Rosey or simply Rosey, is a school, in Gstaad, Switzerland. Btw, John Casablancas also studied in this school. It is the most expensive school in the world, according to Forbes. Woww, John is really wealthy people huh. It was atcually during Jules' brief stay in Switzerland that he met future Strokes member Albert Hammond Jr (do not mistaken with Albert Hammond, Albert Hammond is Albert Hammond Jr's dad). If I'm not mistaken, Jules has drinking problem when he was a teenager i think and that's why John sent him to The Dwight School with two other future Strokes, Nick Valensi and Fabrizio Moretti. For your information, Jules never finished school, but he continued to take music classes where he says he first enjoyed himself in class. Way to go, Jules! I saw an interview that one        the person said that The Dwight School is a school for troubled students. HAHA, i guess Jules is a problematic student. 

Left photo: Jules and his sister, Cecile Casablancas. Cecile is a jewellery designer. Jules' father, John Casablancas, the founder of Elite Model Management. His paternal grandfather, Fernando Casablancas is a well-known textile merchant. His mother, Jeanette Christiansen is a former model and Miss Denmark. Jules' parents divorced. Jeanette finally married to Sam Adoquei. Sam is actually a painter. And i think painter is a sexy career. Jules did mentioned that Sam has helped him by exposing him to music. So, we can see that Jules and Sam have good step father- step son relationship. A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke is one Jules fav song. He said it in one of his interview. I love Jules, he inspires me a lot in life. He is a very determination guy, plus he's fookin hot!

Btw, there are so many advantage i get when i open with public that i'm mentally dating Jules and yada yada. I met so many people that have so many similarities with. Share The Strokes' funny jokes. I met Sol ShahAnetZee are one of them. Oh my i love them so much especially Anet! Muaaah. 
Btw, when Jules 33rd birthday Julian's fans made a birthday video. Here the video. Oh my, i love that video, you know why? Cuz im in it! Happy Birthday, Jules

Okay, since Christmas is around the corner, please enjoy this song from Jules. "I Wish It Was Christmas Today". Tho i'm not celebrating it cuz im a Muslim, i do  personally think that this song is very catchy and has its own thing. I even think that this song is the best Christmas song besides Jingle Bells of of course. I'll tell you about Jules' album solo in the next entry. Promise me to read it huh, silent reader. (perasan). So, Merry Christmas to all people on Earth especially whos celebrating in. Have a nice a warm Christmas. And Jules, please please post or upload something about Christmas. Albert already have. He even named his Christmas tree is Fernando. Cute huh? 


These are The Strokes' band mates photo when they were a lil boy.

Jules' first kiss was with his cousin, dayyum man. 


  1. see? i told you, no one can tell a better story about Jules rather than you! this entry is sooo cool! i've learnt a thing or two bout Jules and of course, The Strokes itself :) and it's all thanks to you :)

  2. LOL, Mia. Malunyaaa. *peluk maya*


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